All children’s ideas and opinions are welcome for discussion across the Valley Partnership, as it is the children that important; we are here to help them. In order to do that, we have several ways that we all work together for example, sometimes we have questionnaires. However, we always have some very special roles where children have a key responsibility. We have questionnaires that children  complete from time to time  that are used but These roles include:

School Council- We have an active School Council, which provides all children with a voice in matters that really do affect their time at school, whether they are educational or social. Our Councils consists of at least two children from each class who are elected by the children in each class. They process involves being prepared to present at hustings to their class and then a secret ballot is held. They usually serve for at least 6 months. The council often discusses this term of office. The school council hold regular meetings that are attended by a key staff member and sometimes a governor representative. At these meetings, the children discuss their class’s ideas, concerns or suggestions for the school. Minutes are taken at these meetings, are published on our school council notice board, and are available in each classroom. The Councils are taken very seriously and their minutes are to be available at Governor’s meetings. At the end of the school year, the Chair and Vice Chair will be invited to attend a full Governor’s meeting and present a report on the work of the Council from the children’s perspective. The council ensure there are boxes in easily accessible places to collect ideas and suggestions form their peers as well as brining their own ideas and reviews to the council meetings. School council are always actively involved in the staff interview process when recruiting new team members to our Partnership, developing their own questions and giving Governors feedback on their findings.

Some of the most recent changes that the School Council have brought about include:

  •  a new rota system for entry into the dining room at lunchtime at Webber’s
  • Introduction of Pre-lunch playtime, when weather permits
  • a change in meal time seating at Burlescombe
  • the change in provision of play equipment at break times and areas of play
  • the organisation of fundraising events and choice of charities to be supported by the school during the year.
  • the development of the wild life area at Webber’s a planning programme & design

School Ambassadors - These children are selected annually by the senior leadership team and are chosen because they consistently demonstrate the core values form our mission statement and are able to step up and use their initiative. These positions are for a school year and are elected in September. They are usually selected from Year 6 and are given very special responsibilities, for example, meeting important visitors and representing the partnership at special events, for example, the area Church School service in Barnstaple and Tiverton. The ambassadors meet and greet visitors on open days and are involved in the staff selection process as their feedback is important to Governors.

School team captains and Vice Captains - The whole staff team selects the school team Captains and Vice captains annually in September. The staff consider how the children are in lessons, at play and particularly how they support and motivate others, as well as how they demonstrate the core values. The children are chosen based upon them demonstrating core values in all aspects during their time at school, as well as their sportsmanship and skill. The School team Captains and vice captains role is twofold:

  1. a) Leading by example and giving motivation to others-through-out the year their task is to  work  with all their team to help develop our values as well as kindness, team work and good manners and encouraging everyone to follow  the mission statement ‘climb to your highest for yourself for others and for God’ . The Captains and Vice Captains  move their ‘Team Counters Squirrels’, weekly, in Collective worship as a way of motivating their team to put extra effort into all they do.
  2. b) Sports day preparation and presentation- the team captains and vice captains  spring into action in the preparation period to help all aspects sports day run smoothly and ensure that everyone enjoys the events regardless of  their ability. They role is to challenge and motivate, ensure competition is fair and to make sure sportsmanship is evident at all times. They have the privilege of serving their team for the year and the reward of raising their team’s trophy at the end of the event and at the End of the Year special service in front of everyoneJ.

School Office Assistants - This is a key role within the school and supports the business workings of the school. The holders of this position are selected annually in September, by the administration team. The School Office assistant’s role is to help everyone manage the administration tasks with in the school. This could be for example, ensuring the newsletters are distributed, ensuring school club staff have their registers and they are returned, checking forms are returned, school council information is distributed, or helping to organise events and equipment. They are selected for their willingness to help everyone as well as demonstrating core values.