TVP Corona Update 01.06.2020

By 1st June 2020 School News

Dear Parents,                                                                                                  1st June 2020

Following my letter detailing plans for the opening of our schools, many of you have quite understandably raised more questions about your child’s possible return to school. I have, therefore, compiled a list of common questions and answers to help support you and your child’s understanding of what school might be like when, and if, they return.  To view this document please CLICK HERE

Please understand that all these responses are subject to change as the relaunch of our schools unfolds; guidance changes daily, staff availability may change and so we are constantly reviewing and evolving our systems.  Please also remember that it may not be possible for all year groups to return to fulltime schooling this term.

I apologise for the length of some of the responses, but it is important to be as comprehensive as possible to help you understand the provision we are offering.

Kindest Regards

Mrs Eveleigh